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Just Ordered Some Wheels

Colin P

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Just ordered the following wheels, never heard of them but I think they look nice! Any comments welcome, they are supposed to arrive in 10 days time as apparently they are a special order. Got them from wheelbase in oldham, helpful people.

I was originally after some of those Lenso Evo II but was told they dont supply these in the correct fitment.

I wonder if they will look good? :yawn:

I'll get pics up if and when they arrive, suppose i'll go and paint the callipers and get some brake pads which are less dusty..... cleaning wheels is boring!


ok well i cant figure out how to attatch the picture or change the topic spelling mistake!

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hey guys, Ijust got this information back from the place where i'm getting my wheels, does it sound right to you?

"Thank you for your order the Specs are as follows.

the wheels are 8" x 18" with an offset of 40.the centre bore will be 60.1mm and the tyres are 215/40/18 Falken fk451. this set up has been checked on an IS200 by ATP and is there recommended fitment.we can supply tyres from Yokohama for an extra £105.00 or Michelin £195.00 per set"

I was looking through the basic wheel sizing guide thread on here and i think it said for 8" the offset should be 42 and above, do you think there will be a problem with the size thats being supplied? what's it likely to rub (if anything) i'm presuming the front wheel arches maybe when i make a hard turn? also would ou say 215 is the right width or could I get wider tyres on there?


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definetly go for 225 on a 8" rim

a 40mm offset will be ok

untill you lower it (depending on how much of course)

then on the odd occasion it will catch the front inner wheel arch

will be fine at low speeds and turning

could go for a 35 profile to give a tadge more clearance

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thanks, i'm only lowered lowered on springs at the moment so maybe it'll just rub when I go over speed bumps or a car full of passengers or something.

I thought a wider tyre might be better, i'll get back to the guy and see how much more they want to change the tyre ratio.

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ok the guy just got back to me and said

"based on your standard tyres at 215/45/17 (diameter 625.3mm) the 215/40/18 (629.2mm)is the closest upgrade size. the 225/40/18 (637.2mm) will be 12mm larger than standard and effect the accuracy of the Speedo.

we can supply the 225/40/18 tyres if you wish but this has not been tested by ATP.

the costs will be the same as the 215/40/18 with Kumho or Federal 225/40/18 Tyres but an extra

£65.00 with Toyo T1S

£95.00 with Goodyear F1 Eagle

£110.00 with Yokohama AVS"

which tyres whould i go for out of Kumho, Federal or Toyo T1S? (would have been good if he told me the model numbers for all of them!

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I'd go with the Toyo's out of that last three you list.

As for the others, those Goodyears they're trying to sell you are very good but I thought they were around the same price as the Toyo's which is weird, as for the Yoko's, they're supposed to be amazing in the dry but crap in the wet.

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good, i'm interested to see the finish as its actually a stainless steel layer on the wheel so its supposed to be more durable.

ok well, when they arrive and I get them on i'll upload some pics, after that its time to get the geometry done!

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what a joke,

originally I was told they would be with me by friday of last week, then after contacting them they told me wednesday or thursday of this week. Now after me contacting them again they have told me wednesday or thursday next week.

I cant beleive how crap this company has been, the say its due to the european forwarder going into receivership. Still, if thats the case why not cantact me and actually let me know that my wheels aren't going to turn up for another week.

what :tsktsk: and what :tsktsk: customer service!

I was under the impression they were one of the larger/better wheel companies/distributors in the UK too

i'm pretty :tsktsk: off, have to cancel with Tony at WIM now too!


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Looks good Col, how come the pic is blurry but the number plates are as sharp as chuff?

Looking forward to seeing some better shots mate - my wheels are truly ditched at the minute, haven't had chance to give them a going over, will sort em out Monday :(

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yea the camera had to be used in night mode and all the pictures came out blurry, that was the best one (the number plate was perfect in every one), when I used the camera in normal mode but with flash on all you can see is the number plate so i'll take soem more when its daylight!

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Sorry this is OT but that is phenomenal - I didn't realise how big the difference was with the plates - that picture is well out of focus but that number plate on the left is incredibly sharp - I'm going to have to have a play with my show plates at some point and see if they're the same - they're not very reflective so I might be lucky and they take crap pictures :)

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