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Help Me Please


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Hi all,

I just got my lexus Is200 sport (2000model) last month, lovely car, boy was i mesmirized by its beauty, it looks brand new thats why i paid nearly 10 grand for it.

But guess what, its making a noise like you get when a fan belt is worn , so i took it back and they changed the belt , no prob , yeeha i thot . But guess what , its still doing it :(, therefore it cant be the fanbelt and anyway the noise goes away when you press the clutch down about an inch or so. Weird.

So im wondering after reading through alot of the posts if its the flywheel or clutch, im not a mechanic so please forgive me if this sounds a bit stupid.

Im taking it back on monday so im hoping someone can give me a clue as to what it is so i can tell the dealer.

Help me please. Thanx

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Thanx shorty , i mentionrd that to the guy in the garage this morning but i dont know what it is yet. They are going to take another look, i should get it back by thursday coz im getting the lexus light up scuff plates put on too :)

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