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Prolex Kazuma Vs Hks Silent Hi-power

Mr Singh

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After fitting my Prolex Kazuma i knew straight away it was rather 'loud'..

Daza W had quite the opposite with his HKS Silent Hi-Power... and after today i understood why!

Anyway, we swapped them over..


Mine before with the Kazuma


Mine after with the HKS Silent...



Daza's before with the HKS


After with the Prolex.


I lost about 6dB easy! sounds more like OEM jobby, but slightly more bassier..

Daza's was amazingly quiet still, but slightly more deeper. I think he'll relay his before and after.

Here are are the two side by side.


Prolex is the slightly golder item.

I forgot to do a sound clip - doh!

Either way, both happy... and if you own a IS200 you have nothing to worry about, it is as Prolex say - Quiet and unobtrusive!!!

IF you own a Tezza... might be best to go for a Silent Hi-Power or the unit which ASP are releasing soon.


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totally agree with mr singh the kazuma is still quiet on my car but sounds alot deeper

did sound nice on the tezza but was louder in side the cockpit

each to there own

you would have to see and here them to see the difference the hks sounded alot nicer on the tezza

above all both happy and pics look fab

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Nice one guys, both cars are looking good - if the Kazuma is anything like my Hiper was it had a wearing in period which took about 1000 miles - started getting deeper after that - sounded awesome after 10,000 miles were on her, now I've got the twin's on they're just incredibly loud all the time!

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i will see how much louder it gets when its done a few more miles iwould like alittle louder but overall a good quality system i think my middle section cat needs to go next i know mr prolex as one in the pipe line i will see what they come up with

nice car mate will have to meet again when your new part is fitted :winky: would love to see it go with the nos B)

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they get louder and deeper when they're hot. I love it at the toll booths on the M6 toll, window down, money in the basket, revs up, barrier up, dump clutch, vrooommmm off. Excellent

have you just got a rear section or the whole exhaust

does sound nice but not as loud as expected if you heard the same system on the tezza you would be amazed

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