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Hi all,

I'm looking to upgrade my headlight bulbs, (Dip and main beam) Firstly I would like to know what type of bulbs fit 1993 LS400, cos i haven't had a look at them yet, (lazy I know).

Secondly I would like to know what are the best to go for. I understand that normal bulbs you can buy are around 55w, I have seen a few on eBay for 6500k, is that 65w?

I definately want something brighter and would prefer something with a blue tinge to them, not this really blue gay looking ******* that you find on Billy Boy Nova's, but something bright white/blue with a bit of class, ya get me?

Your thoughts and suggestions as always, much appreciated!!

Bison :zee:

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6500k is the colour temperature of the lamps

not the wattage

the higher rating ones are more bluer

in the colour spectrum, daylight temperature is around 5500k

any less tinges to yellow and more tinging to blue

normal halogen lamps have a colour rating of 3500k

wattage is the lamps power consumption , and whilst the higher wattage lamps are brighter they may also overload your cars wiring

the 35w HID lamps have a 80% higher light output than the equavalent 55w halogen lamps

the best option of all is to use the HID lamps

conversion kits are available from Prolex-uk

and i can personally vouch for this system

ls400 -- 1993 should have main and dipped 9003 or h4

:geek: :D

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