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Automatic Transmission Problem


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:crybaby: Automatic Transmission problem, Please help me guys, :crybaby:

I have problem whith my Lexus IS200 automatic transmission. I have abnormal noises and vibrations. This obnormal vibrations feels and it’s come very fast and disppiar very fast and it’s happening sometimes. This vibrations happen when I drive in D range the 4th gear, at a steady speed (lock-up ON) af about 57km/h (35 mph). I change transmission oil and it’s don’t help.

Please can you guys help me?

Thanks guys,


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Hallo Guys,

Yes it is T-IV. I have left my car to Lexus service center and I hopfully they did it correct . You asked me about how do I know the lock-up is ON? You, right I have wrong becuese this vibrations is very difficult get forwart. I drive my car a long, long time and the vibration between 3th gear and 4th gear af about 57km/h (35 mph). It’s happening before 4th gear not contrary. The Vibtration feels very strong. My vehicle done 3200 Swedish mile (32000Km). What do you mean about mods?

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About mods specification my IS200.

modell IG.FE


Type L6 VVTi 2000-24v

Valve Mechanism 24-Valves, DOHC

Displacement (cc) 1988

Compression Ratio 10,0:1

Maximum Output (kW/rpm) 114/6200

Maximum Output (hp/rpm) 155/6200

Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) 195/4600

Bore x Stroke (mm) 75x75 75x75

Transmission Gearbox 4AT

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Merry christmas and a happy new years friends.

Ok Mate I will. But they have no time for my Lex this year. They promise replace the new greabox begining of jan-05.

Merry christmas and a happy new years to all friends of this Lexusclub. :D

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