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What A Con !


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went to a restaurant for dinner last night

was starving and hadnt eaten all day

took a chance on a restaurant that we had been to before, but was well advertised in the local paper as being good

so rang and booked a table for 8pm

the answer was no but you can come at 7.45pm ???

so off we went

1st shock as the place was empty

2nd shock was the lack of choice on the menu , only 5 items

3rd shock was the price

any way we were there, so we ordered

5 mins later starter arrived

well the plate with all these pretty patterns came, i presume the morsels in the middle was the starter

quickly finished that

2 mins later the main course arrived

3 morsels of meat

3 slices of potato

a sprig of brocolli

and a few black looking carrots

with again all these fancy patterns made out of a sauce

again soon finished that, at this stage i was as hungry as when i went in, plates were taken as soon as we had finished, which was looking good as i didnt want to stay there much longer

waitress then asks do you want dessert .....damn right i did, even the salt and pepper looked tempting now

strawberry meringue,

1 strawberry cut into slices

and a dollop of meringue

......didnt take to long to eat !!!

and so we left , had to stop at sainsburys on the way home to get something to eat

nouveau cuisine arse !

it has got to be the biggest con of all time

if i wanted to admire my food, i would have looked in a recipe book

how they have the cheek to serve the measily portions and then charge a fortune for it


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Know what you mean Bazza, was up in a restaurant in Scotland at the end of last year and a meal for 3 cost £140!

The food was crap, I had some pan fried fish which was like rubber, it was worse than the nasty dry fish you can get from the back street chippies at 4am!

All looked very pretty but it was basically crap.

Unfortunately though they made a mistake and charged me £30 for someone elses drinks the next day and charged them for my food ;)

I never noticed until I got home :)

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