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8" Bolt Finds My Car Along The Motorway..


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So today i thought i would break the habbit of blatting up the fast lane to work and instead poodle along the inside lane at the speed limit.. now i wish i hadnt..

so i pull in the the middle lane to overtake a car, and BAM, sounds like ive driven over a brick that hasnt gone away, then the noise quickly becomes a metalic noise, now im thinking that either my zuast mount has given up or one of my wheel nuts has sheared of and hte wheel is wobbling all over the place (and yes that has happened to me...twice but thats another story) so i pull over and have a look, turns out that on the passenger side an 8" x 1" Bolt was flicked up by my front wheel where it then scrapped down the udnerneath of the door sill and then pierced the rear end just before the botton of the arch,,

now im really hopiing this is a bolt from the central reservation repairs that have gone on of late on the M40 thn i really got the highways agency to blame...





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ouch!    fair bit of damage there,   how u going to check if its the same bolts they use on the motorway barriers?

well i thinki'llhave to find a barrier on the hard shoulder side and take a photo,, im guessing the head will be the same if its the same bolt..

Maybe there are some people on LOC that that could help with some info,, ie motorway maintence..

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Yeh good idea,,although who makes the barriers ??? although ive remebered that my birds old man, he runs things at hounslow highways agency thing,, (remember the concordes last trip, he organised that over this area) anyway he may be able to help identify thebolt..

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im sure the bolts used in the face of the planks are coach bolts(roundhead)

they are over here

however it could well be a support bolt for the uprights, the shoulder on that bolt though looks well long..........

could very well possibly be a chassis bolt from a HGV

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Wow thats bad luck there!.

I doubt you will get any joy from the DBFO who operate and maintain the M40. They will just fall back to the default position of the fact that it could have fallen of any passing vehicle.

More details of the DBFO here

Your best route may be to claim through your insurance and if you have legal cover, they may be able to recover the costs for you, though how long this will take is any bodies buisness!

Last time I was involved in DBFOs they had enough trouble reclaiming accident damage from incidents on the network, let alone dealing with claims against them. Things only realy get sorted if there is serious captiol loss or a fatal RTA.

Best of luck

You may want to approach the HA route manager for the section you picked up the bolt in as that is the client to the DBFO at the end of the day and will have more clout... dealing direct witht eh DBFO may just get you ignored in the first instance. Which section were you on and I might be able to get teh route managers details for you.

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Try Paul Harwood who is based in the Dorking Office (Highways Agency, Federated House, London Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1SZ).

Not sure on the telephone number but if you ring the cones hotline you can ask to speak to him (he is the regional manager)... when you do, ask who is the route manager for the M40 where you picked up the bolt, then call them :)

Alternativly you if you can wait till I am next in the office, I can look up the proper contact details for the route manager for you.

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