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Uneven Front Tyre Wear


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On my infrequent visits to the site I have seen topics in the past on uneven front tyre wear................. thought to myself "doesn't bother me as the cars in question all have a lot more miles than mine and as mine is new(isH) it won't be a problem for me"


Went to rotate tyres at the weekend and to my horror the insides of the fronts are as bald as a baby's bum........... I have only 16K done on the original tyres :excl::excl:

The outside half has heaps of tread left (hence I was changing them to the rears) but the last fifth of the tyre in particular is f :tsktsk: ed

My question is this, have the dealers actually got a solution to this problem ? I have read other posts whereby people have gotten laser allignments etc etc and still no cure. I need to sort this before I put a new set of rubber on?

I'm due a service and I'll be insisting they fix it but its too late when I put a new set of tyres on only to find they are shagged after after a few K

Is the problem fixable by Lexus? :question::question:

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if you mean that can u claim anything under warranty then no, the problem is caused by the camber adjustment, the IS has a slightly negative camber setting as standard anyway.

the only way to "cure" this at the moment is to get the camber adjusted to the correct settings, but as many have found out this is easier said than done - all depends who is operating the machine, different people will gt different readings etc.

but i have noticed one thing - it was only after i had the car lowered i started to get problems, in the 50K before hand never once did i have any uneven wear problems.

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Every 3 months!!! What kind of roads are they driving on? Or should I say dirt tracks? You really shouldn't need to have it checked that often. Realistically, once every 12 months should be adequete.

Close monitoring of tyre wear, and regular checkng of tyre pressures is essential, as a lot of adverse tyre wear is due to either over-inflation, or more commonly under-inflation. Excessive tyre wear in middle of tyre indicates over-inflation, and excessive shoulder wear is often caused by under-inflation

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There is a problem with the settings, Lexus view is that due to road conditions that they can not cover it under warrenty.

I had the same problem on my car that was 6 months old and done 14K.

I took mine back to Lexus and got the camber and rest of the settings re-set and things seem to be fine currently.

Just got a set of 4 new tyres that are due to go onto new alloys (warrenty change) so will be getting the whole thing checked again.

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