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American Spec Soarer


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I'm looking to move to the States middle of next year and the 4l sc has caught my eye big seller says it has 300bhp, i guess this could be right for a 4l v8 car............but I suspect that the version of the 4l v8 would be similar to here??? any help and advice appreciated................the other option until 1999 was the 3l sc?same as 3l s/s here???? :geek::unsure:

many thanks


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From 1998 the USA SC400 had VVTI, so a bit more power and better economy. 290 sounds about right for that. Before then, its the same engine as the JDM Soarer @ 265Bhp.

Unfourtunately for us, the JDM Soarer never got VVTI:(

The VVTI SC400 should be a lovely car to drive. They are normally lower specs than the Soarer, but I think the later ones got more toys (still not as many as JDM though).

The SC300 has the 2JZGE engine with about 225Bhp, but a lot are highly tuned over there. I think 1000Bhp has just been hit!!

Not as many toys and slower than the SC400, but more economy and tuning potential if you want it:)

If you go for the VVTI 4ltr, I'll do you an engine swap:D I'd love that engine:D

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