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Rx300se Rear Wiper Switch Malfunction

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Has anyone else had a problem with the rear wash wipe switch also activating the front wipers?

On a year 2001 model, recently acquired second hand (single owner, serviced by Lexus), whenever I activate the rear wash wipe, the front wipers go on. This has been occurring since I got the car 6 weeks ago. I was going to have it checked at the next service in the Summer. I think it has been going on for some time - possibly since new - but I can't confirm this. The reason I suspect this is the case is that the front screen is etched with the wiper arcs from all these dry wipes!

Yesterday, driving south, into low sunshine on roads that had been salted, I activated the rear wash wipe. The front wipers came on. There was just sufficient moisture on the screen to turn the whole thing into that white mess that you get in winter. This caught the sun, I lost sight of the road and nearly ended up in a ditch. The car is now booked in with the local lexus people to get it sorted out.

It doesn't strike me that this could happen as an acquired fault. It really sounds like a primary error in the wiring when the vehicle was built.

Does anyone have any comments?

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Hi Colin

Yes, it doesn'y matter if you rotate the switch down or fully rotate it up, as soon as the rear washer is activated, the front wipers start to sweep. The middle two positions (rear wipe intermittent and rear wipe on) are OK, so there is clearly an erroneous connection with whatever part of the electrics (switch, wiring, relay) that activates the rear washer.

It has done this since we got the car. I can't check it out with the previous owner - but the fault would explain the scratches on the screen.

Tuesday's experience was pretty scary though - the front screen suddenly being totally wiped out by the smearing of that salt mix that you get off of roads in the winter - whilst driving into low sunshine.

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