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Plasma Tv Bracket


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Hi all,

I know there is a wealth of information on varied subjects from you guys so here goes - I have just purchesed a 42" Plasma TV from Tiny and they want £200 for a flat to wall braket (not tilting) :ohmy: :tsktsk:

A friend of mine is a v good engineer and has offered to make me one. However I need a technical drawing to do this. So I was wondering if any of you guys have or know where to find this info (looked on the net for 3 hours yesterday with no joy)

Thanx in advance


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thanx for you replies guys.

I have looked on the net and found various ones like those you mentioned. However, I find it appaling that they charge approx £100 for a baracker that cost less than a tenner to make.

So it was really me saying ''up yours'' to the robbing bar stuards and making one myself.

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