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Speeding Excuses


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1 I passed out after seeing flashing lights in the distance,which I believed to be UFO,s. The flash of the camera brought me round from my trance

2 I was in the airports flight path, and the camera was triggered by an aircraft overhead,not my car

3 I had a severe bout of diarrhoea and had to rush to a public toilet

4There was a strong wind behind my car which pushed me over the limit

5My friend had just chopped his fingers off and I was rushing the digits to hospital

6 The vibrations from the surfboard I had on the roof rack set off the camera

7 I had to rush my dying hamster to the vet.

8 A violent sneeze caused a chain reaction where my foot pushed down harder on the accelerator.

9 There was a suspected case of foot and mouth and I had to rush to see the cow concerned

10 The only way I could demonstrate that my clutch was faulty was to accelerate madly

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