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Which Oil?


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Just a quick one for some knowlegable person out there a specific type of oil that dealerships use for servicing IS200's? If so would you recommend sticking to this or is there any about that's better???

No prizes for the first answer...just total respect B)

Ta! :D

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dealers use whatever they choose, provided it is within spec. Most use fully synthetic.

Your owners manual states the requirements and recommended viscosity.

If your car is under warranty you could run into problems if you don't use something that is recommended. So using Mobil 1 0-40 could mean an engine failure not being covered.

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Whoooo thanx...That was one speedy reply.

The car is out of warranty so that's not a problem, but with the milage my car's done :o I wanna make sure I put in the best stuff that I can afford.

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My dealer used Castrol TXT for a long time. Now they changed for Esso.

Normaly Lexus/Toyota-Garages use the best and newest oil they can get.

For me I use Mobile 1. Sombody told me its the best oil ever.

You can get it cheaper on eBay.

Before Mobil 1 I also used Castrol TXT. I asked my dealer which oil they use and bought it from eBay for less than a half of dealer-price ;)

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In sweden utilize Castrol Formula SLX is a fully synthetic engine oil for LEXUS cars. It's castrols finest oil here. Besides recommended from Lexus manufacture and warm recommended from me if you have stil standard specifications for your Lexus. I hoppe you have used fully synthetic from beginning when your car was new which have a little important.

I'm not sure but I think it have different covering in different country. SLX and RS must be same in Europe.



Sorry for my English

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