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Denso Or Ngk


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Now I'm very confused :unsure:

However, it's difficult to find Denso in Sweden. I want always best of the best any idea?

NGK is much easier to find hear but as you guys know Lexus recommendation are DENSO SK20R11 or NGK IFR6A11.

It's seems DENSO IK20 is good or already DENSO's best plugs, but dose anybody know which of DENSO's or NGK's are best? I mean DENSO's finest spark plugs and NGK's finest spark plugs for my Lexus?



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Thanks ColinBarber

I think same as you and PhoneDrome . As you know guys Lexus use DENSO for theirs vehicle. It must be a intention whit that :)

As PhoneDrome told Nippon-Cars = Nippon Parts!!!

sorry for my english what do you mean OEM ColinBarber?

thanks a lot guys

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Sorry, Lexus uses Denso SK20.... OR NGK IFR6A..... for OEM fitting.

The Manual recommends this plugs.

I have Denso IK20 fitted since 20000km. I have to check the heads of the spark plugs in a few weeks to see if they work. Especially the plug in cyl. No 6 which is stressed by heat most.

OEM= Original Equipment Manufacturer (DE=Erstausrüster).

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