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Abs Light Mot Failure


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Hi All,

I cannot believe I am the only one to have encountered this. I have imported two Soarers, and both have failed because they have ABS but no ABS warning light. Apparently the warning comes up through the computer. But my MOT station said "no light = failure".

Anyone know a garage near Weston-Super-Mare that knows about Soarers?

Also, I will probably sell these Soarers, if anyone wants one, please let me know:


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can't help you with a mot tester but your testers are talking through their arses

the abs is under continual monitoring from the on board computer and when the ignition switch is turned on the computer goes through its checks which includes the abs circuits, if there was a fault it would indicate such by coming on and staying on exactly the same as any car equipped with abs , under normal conditions on an abs equipped car the abs light comes on for a couple of seconds and goes off as the car is started and comes on if there is a fault ,so where is the difference between the two ?i have never ever had a problem with this as far as passing the mot cert . i would think the testers in the test centres you are going to are only used to cars with idiot lights in them and can't think beyond them, strictly by the book jobsworth's come to mind.

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