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Newbe Question Regarding A Amp

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I have an IS200 SE (early 2001) and want a way of getting the sound from my laptop (with Audigy 2 USB Soundcard) to play through the speakers.

I know the IS doesn't have aux-in, so:

I have tried:

1) FM Transmitter - crap

2) FM Modulator - still naff

3) Tape Adapter (PodGear) - ok but I only seem to get sound from one side and I don't like it wirring around when no sound is being played on the laptop - gets annoying.

So I have read that a few members have added an amp to the IS.

Is it possible to get an amp with aux-in/some way of getting quality sound from my USB soundcard into the lexus sound system?

Was thinking I could pick a cheap one up from eBay with aux-in if possible.

I know absolutely nothing about car audio systems (well except how to turn the radio on! :D) so please explain it in simple terms.


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The SE and Sport have an integrated Amp already, and what you're after is the holy grail of IS Audio tweaking, a simple switchable Aux input.

There's a few threads on this, and there's a few modification options as well, but if you're not technically minded I'd avoid these.

There's a thread in here about an aux in adaptor being constructed by a forum member which may be of interest to you, although we're still waiting for it to appear (it'll sell like hot cakes when it does though)


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Thanks for the reply.

I've read all about the Aux-in adapter by SteveAudioX - unfortunetly its not available yet.

I have seen the knowledgebase/workshop article about adding RCA to the head unit. Not quite sure what that is.

Since the SE/Sport already have an amp - can that be replaced with one with an aux-in option or am I just talking rubbish?

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