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:) Picked up a gold P-reg GS300 2 weeks ago and looking forward to doing some long trips over the coming months. A major reason behind the purchase was some upper back problems I had recently, and sp far I can say it feels as comfy as my armchair. I'll know more after a few 250 mile stints.

Looking around this forum it seems like a very friendly and helpful place, so I'll be keeping track of what goes on.

Just for starters, what are the advantages of joining the LOC? And what have b people found to be the main benefits of being part of this forum?

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Hi - Welcome to the club, hope your back gets better soon.

The main benefits I found is the knowledge, someone on here can let you know any answer to any question.

Also that you can have a laugh just browsing the forums,

There are times that people do everything in their power to help, sometimes includes travelling to help with repairs etc.... thus showing that this is a close-nit club.

Also by upgrading your membership to a "Gold Member", you can enjoy alot of discounted parts, servicing etc..., me - I saved over £280 on the insurance, Gold Membership is only £25.00 P/A, so saved this straight away and also time by not having to ring round for prices.

Hope this helps



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Welcome.....the knowledge is the best, GOLD membership is even better (up to 15%) at most dealers............friendly guys who in my experience will answer/fix a prob. within 2 hrs of posting.........hope you enjoy your GS!! :D

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