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Considering A Lexus Es300


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I am considering the purchase of a 2001 ES300 with 67000 miles.

Price is in the 18500 range. I am test driving the car over the next couple of days.

I would appreciate any comments, pro or con on my potential purchase.

Car is in immaculate condition.

I have owned Buicks (currently own a Park Avenue), Oldsmobiles, Chevys and Fords in the past. This would be my first "foreign" car purchase. Any concerns?


GeorgiaSam :)

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Why bow out?

Stay and take a look round here

Welcome to LOC UK  :)


I purchased the automobile. Will add a digital later today, once I understand how to do that task.

The dealership allow a 430 mile test drive in helping me to make my decision.

The ES300 is the cleanest car, closest to "showroom" condition, I have ever purchased. In fact, it has brought to the level of concern "it is too clean", was the dealer trying to mask something. After 430 miles, in various road conditions, the car was a smooth as 18 yr old single malt scotch, I was sold. My wife was visiting friends 1100 miles (~1770 km) away and was in no mood to agree to a purchase of that magnitude via cell phone. I picked her up at he Atlanta airport for a 150 mile (~ 700 km) drive home (still on a test drive from the dealership), she was sold. I purchased the automobile the next day.

If you do not mind, as your post response on my ineptitude in joining the correct "users group" was very welcoming, I will stick around for sometime in the UK Owners Group. Just consider me a "long lost brethern" from the States. (I trace my ancestry to Scotland in early 1700's).

Best Regards,


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