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Car Alarms

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I'm planning to buy a car alarm from the USA due to the good exchange rate and the fact that my g/f is coming over at xmas so no extra shipping/import duties and just wanted to confirm that there's no reason why it wouldnt work on a UK car? I'm presuming it would be fine?

It's a clifford matrix rsx 3.5

clifford website



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my mate got one of these alarms for a freind of eBay think it was £154+ £10 postage got stopped on the way through customs and he got stung for £30 which he never got refunded

the alarm is a top alarm it has intel start aswell but beware this alarm was only made for automatic cars reason being it has no safety on it like the other cliffords you can start the car why you are in gear (go threw a wall hit a person if you forget to leave it in neutrol)

plus he phoned loads of companies and nobody would fit it thay just said they are from america we cant help you dont no the reason why but could be like mat says it will work, but it needs to be CE certified, otherwise it could interfere with other communication devices.and you could be fined but i personally dont know

personly i would avoid the alarm unless you can fit it your self the n you might get fined for it interfering hope this has helped you abit


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