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Replacement Tyres


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I need to replace all 5 tyres on the Lex. Does anyone how much I should be looking at paying for each tyre and if so which of these brands will you recommend. I currently have the Bridgestone 215/45 R17 Z rating.






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I think the Lexus versions of the Dunlop SP9000 Sports are approx £95 to £115 depending on where from.

I find Headley Tyres the cheapest by far. Tel 01635 268384.

On this subject, I too need to replace all 4 of my tyres. I currently run the SP9000's but saw a review of the new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx tyres recently. They came out well. However I called Dunlop to see if they are ok for the Lexus, and they say best to stick to the SP9000 Lexus versions as they are known to be ok on the car.

Regarding difference in normal SP9000 and Lexus ones, the sidewalls are stiffer on ours. From what the tech guy said, the normal ones are NOT recommended for the Lexus as it makes the handling bad.

The way to tell - this is from the knowledgebase, is that the Lexus ones are made in Japan, the others Germany.

So, it looks like I shall be going for the SP9000's again!

From what I understand, quite a few people on here run Goodyear and also the Bridgestone (though be careful what ones you get as one version are utter rubbish!)

Hope this helps some.

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i have used the bridgestones and the dunlops , both on the IS

and the ones i would highly recommend are the TOYO`S

great tyre with loads of grip, and very quiet

most people who have used toyo tyres say they are one of the best to use on the slippery back wheeled is200


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I thought the Toyo T1-R is better than the T1-S?

I also want mine to last though, which is why I was swaying away from Toyo's.  I am not sure they would do the 30k I got out the Dunlops!

i havent any experience with t1-r , but the t1-s are certainly up to the job

ok, the toyo`s might only last 20k miles but for the safety and added security i would rather pay out a bit more often,

lexus only use a cetain manufacturer because they get them highly discounted, reasons are that the tyre manufacturer, will rely on owners sticking to the same brand to what the car came with

my car originally came with bridgestones !!!

the lexus dunlops have the rim protector,

as do the toyos

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They did come out well in the tyre test last year too, only reason they couldn't rate them top was cos when they did a "spread" purchase to check consistancy they had quite a large spread.

I think Toyo supplied them with the test set!!

Still, I know a lot of people who use them and love em.

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ive fitted these at £ 65 per corner.,i took the brigestones off coz they were total pants, the federals on the otherhand are good wearing, pretty quite, and sticky when warm, ive had federals before on my audi a4 t sport ,yeah i very much like them ,i recommend them :driving: erm you dont have to import them from oz they are available in this country :hehe:

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I used to work for a Tyre and zorst shop, Toyo's are the Dog's.

Currently running 4 Toyo T1-R. They have changed the outer edge's of the tyre to over come un-even wear. Even the wife has commented on them. Also i was ready for changing front wheel bearings until i put these tyre's on, all noises just dissapeared. And the traction control works alot better.

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When I first had my IS it had Bridgestone potenza's on it and they only lasted 18k which was no good. When the car went in for a service it needed all 4 replacing and Lexus Chester recommended Dunlop SP9000 (not the Lexus version I might add). They charged me £105 per corner.

I changed to the standard SP9000 and they have been fine - not sure about the handling issue over using the Lexus version as mine has been fine, in fact I'm now on my 2nd set of SP9000's and they are fine - it would be interesting to find out what the Lexus version is like - I know the rim is supposed to be harder wearing but to be honest I've got 30k out of the SP9000's so I'm not concerned.

On prices I recently paid £110 for 1 tyre from a local tyre fitter which I'm not going to complain at as they did a really good job.

It's always best to know your tyre fitter even if they're not the cheapest, I had an incident earlier on in the year where another tyre fitter scratched both rear alloys when changing the tyres - be warned!

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