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After getting a fairly crap service at my local garage (my mistake, shouldn't have let them do it on a Saturday with 'weekend' staff) they replaced the wiper blades. Fair enough as the old ones were shot.

The problem is...

When turned off, the wipers don't seem to go back to their 'parked' position and when they're on, their resting point is much, much higher.

A light push from the outside sends them back to where they used to rest when not in use.

I dread to think how the guy fitted the new blades - perhaps by bending the arms upwards? :o

Anyone have any ideas how I get things back to normal?

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They want taking off and adjusting. They are either too far forward or backwards. It is probably only a couple of notches. But if I were you I would take it back to the garage and tell them to sort it out.

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dont push it use the switch on the wiper stalk

Yup - just noticed that yours is a Mark 1, so Mudz is dead right (sorry)

Realised this when I went out to try it.

I can see the 'winter' mode in operation with the switch on the wiper stalk. When turning it to 'FULL' it doesn't go low enough. Pushing them down from the outside with almost no force will send them where they should be.

It looks to me like the mechanic has adjusted them to be like normal cars? Possible to undo their handywork?

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The wi[ers will be in their "winter" position - just give the drivers side one a VERY good push downwards and it'll click into the lower position - there's nothing wrong at all

Excellent tip, I suppose its in the Manual though?

I've been driving around with my MK2 Wipers in this "winter position" ever since that massive snowstorm last year when they got stuck that way, thought they were just broken!


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