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Prolex Uk Manifold

Colin P

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Ok well on Friday I went over to the company which is making the manifold for Prolex UK. Whilst there the owner took time to show me around the factory and explained the process and machinery to me, he also showed me what projects they were currently working on and gave me a talk about the history of the company (been around for about 25 years, they work with Lotus and TVR designing, prototyping, developing and manufacturing exhausts for their own particular applications, they also have distributors throghout the world - USA, Canada, Japan, Scandinavia and Western Europe) all of the people I spoke to had been there for over 8 years so I’d say they know their stuff by now!

Now on to the main point of my visit,

I had the manifold test fitted to my car, went on first time and everything lined up as it should. It seemed the hardest/most time consuming part was getting the old manifold off! Got to say its looking very impressive and cant wait to see the final polished version. :zee: Unfortunately we couldn’t start it up as now all parts were 100% welded and the sensor holes weren't drilled, although I’d imagine all this is done now.

While my car was there they also took some measurements for the racing cat and I was shown the actual cats they were using.

Now, obviously I’m no expert but after my visit I’d be more than happy to have a Prolex UK manifold and the racing cat on my car. Really looking forward to the end result. If anyone is planning on getting one i'd wait and see this one before spending any money!

Also, a little side note for Prolex UK. I ordered some brake pads yesterday lunchtime and they arrived this morning, excellent service one again!

Well done Dave! :D :D :D

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