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Web Design / Photsjop Question..


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In my research on various web/photoshop stuffs. i have seen a lot of layouts done in photoshop.

So drawing togther my observations would it be fair to say the following as a good way to a web layout.

Say i create a layout in PS, (banners, background, nav bar etc.)

I Then optimize the images (for the web) & slice the image up (for quicker loading)

I then drop this into my web creation software (for me its netobjects fusion)

So, regarding the Nav bar.. say I have 4 top level menu headings , Home Links Gallery Contact. which are part of the layout I created in PS (as opposed to adding a button to the layout in the web program) I understand I can simply make each of these a hotspot to link them to the appropriate page.

So far so good.

Now if my top level headings needed a sub heading/menu, say Gallery needed Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3.

How is that achieved… could I follow suit and create this sub menu again in PS and again add hotspots to the right part,

How would this gallery sub menu be ‘called upon’ when my mouse is on the Galley main heading,, image rollover ?

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i create web layouts this way and export the sliced images and html from ps, then open the html file ps exported in adobe go live.

you can add a hotspot in your html editor or just add a link in ps under slice options (right click on the slice with the slice tool). for the different pages id create a template and then change certain sliced images to make another page if you follow.

if you want drop down menus use javascript or a bit of flash.

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thanks wossers...

now getting back to the menuing/navigation.. look at the banner/nav/menu on this page. you see what i mean about having the drop down menus from the main menu, how is that acchieved..

just trying to get a handle on the concepts here..

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that drop down menu was done using javascript mate. not something i know a huge amount about to be honest, but you should be able to find a load of tutorials on the web for creating a javascript drop down menu. i'll be learning how to do this early next year, then you can help me out!

alternatively you could create the menu in flash, not sure if you know flash or not tho :unsure:

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If thats the style menu you want, easiest way to create one is to 'borrow' their code, and use it to create your own. You could simply substitute your own graphics for theirs, remove unwanted links from the script, and modify ones that you want yourself. Its by far the easiest way to learn how the code works, and which bit does what.

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