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Undersealing An Import?


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Some Toyota vehicles are undersealed (my old MR2 Turbo certainly was) although maybe not as thick a layer as in the UK. Some of the other manufacturers do not.

Worth getting it done, not only for corrosion protection but it also cuts down on road noise.

If the vehicle hasn't already been SVA or MOT tested it is wise to get that done first, fresh coat of underseal is sometimes used to cover up problems so they may request it to be stripped off!

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Ive got an import. How can you tell if its been under sealed?

My cars going into the bodyshop in a couple of weeks, should I just ask them to put a fresh coat on while its there.

Have a look under the wheel arches - if the paint is the body colour, then it prolly has not been sealed - if it's matt black under there, then it prolly has.

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