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Prolex-uk New Line Of Suspension Kits !


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can offer the following for all IS/Altezza owners

£880.00 coilovers (height adjustable NOT damping but retain OEM top mounts)

£160.00 springs (-30 mm)

£315.00 anti roll bars

£300.00 Prolex-uk uprated suspension bushes(price TBC)

Or even better value some bundled goodies

£450.00 stage 1 Prolex-uk suspension kit (springs&anti roll bars)

£1,050.00 stage 2 Prolex-uk suspension kit (coilovers anti roll bars)

£1,250.00 stage 3 prolex-uk suspension kit as stage 2 but with

Prolex-uk uprated suspension bushes

All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery to UK addresses.

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are the coilovers noisy ?

what drop is obtainable with them ?

what does retain top mounts mean?

do the bushes make much of a difference ?

They do not have the rose joints at the top of the struts that the TEINs have as so do not knock.

Manufacturer says -60mm

They are not noisy

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