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Was just wondering today, after seeing 2 Whitevan men almost bumping into each other:

Two vans going down the motorway side by side. One in the outside lane, one on the inside lane. They both indicate and move into the central lane at the same time and crash..... Who's in the wrong? (both going same speed etc)

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Hello and sorry for delay ! ........... I have only just seen this thread ! - Doh !

Hmm, that's a very tricky one ........ and I would imagine that a third party witness would be able to say which van moved over first, - however if there is not other witnesses.

It would go down to 50/50 blame !

Insurance companies would have to just sort it out ..........

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I woulda thought that in theory the one in the fast lane should be overtaking, so should end up in front of the one in the slow lane and therefore more in the right

I would tend to agree with Rodders on this. The guy in the inside lane is about to overtake so he should make sure its safe to overtake before doing so

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