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Colin P

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Supposed to be getting my new wheels today (three weeks late) so I was planing to get my geometry sorted out. Now, whats the difference between wheel alignment and geometry? (originally I was planning to go to wheels in motion but I cant make it up there now until the 28th and Tony's not back until the 2nd Jan and i'll be doing a fair few miles over xmas so I dont want to knacker my new tyres. Will pay him aa visit in the new year though)

I contacted my two nearest lexus dealers and they wanted £49.95 or £47 depending on which one I took it to but they local tyre place with the hunter alignment machine wanted around £100 for wheel alignment. So, basically I was expecting the geometry at lexus to cost a lot more than the local tyre place which i've never really liked! Lexus said it would take around an hour to do, I thought lexus charged £80 something per hour plus VAT? so how can an hours work cost £50?

Cheers guys,


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Is there a Toyota dealers next door? Lexus and Toyota Reading are the same dealership and next door to each other. The wheel alignment stuff is in the Toyota garage so they charge Toyota labour rates for it. Got mine done for about £45 a while back and they did the works plus got courtesy car and they washed and hoovered mine.

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