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Three (3) Main Reasons . .. .


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I was driving along the A12 today ...... and I must have been really bored, because, this thread topic came to mind .............


1) Value for Money

2) Styling

3) Reliability

anyone else ....................

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1 - the looks (second to none in it's class in my opinion!)

2 - the price (in my opinion you get a hell of a lot of car for a reasonable amount of cash!)

3 - no-one else i knew had one (then i joined LOC, and theres hundreds of you that have the same car as me, kinda ruined that point really!) :P :P


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I got mine because i had no choice as i was given mine as a bonus from work!

but thats good because LOC would not be here otherwise.. and i wouldnt have met mat on that very evening

strange how things work out eh?

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When Aristo Came up for grabs, I checked into the features etc.. and weighed this up againest other models and nothing even came close, so -

1. Extras - A/C, H/S etc..

2. Looks and Styling

3. Good Amount of Power

Also this was the first time I'd even heard of these let alone seen one. Heck had to get one B)

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