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60k Mileage & Warranty


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Hi all,

Merry xmas to you and all that.......

My IS200 will be either hitting 60k by May 05 or the warranty is due to expire (whichever comes first).

Is it worth extending the warranty through Lexus or an independant or is it not worth the extra expense?

Can you please also tell me what is covered is it just the engine or does it cover things like the electrics (seats / CD player etc) & what about the alloy corrosion?

Many thanks for all who can help.

Also, if you've extended how much did you pay for the year?


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The Lexus extended warranty is the best there is and covers just about everything although maybe not wheel corrosion. It is very expensive though.

Other warranties have many things that are not included or have a limit on a single claim which is easy to go over with Lexus prices for parts!

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Just paid £500 to extend mine for a year ( ouch!!!)

It covers the alloy corrosion and is very comprehensive. Managed to get a clutch out of mine even at 70K ( with a lot of arguing though). Even covers squeeks and rattles. Of course that included your breakdown cover ( had to use mine twice).

So its big money but look at the price of the repairs lexus carry out. Hope this helps.#


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