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Lexus Or Toyota?


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Just got my car back from its MOT (flew through :D )

The garage has put "Toyota" under the entry that says make. I queried this and said that it was a LEXUS not a TOYOTA. He said that it is still made by Toyota so it is classed as a Toyota.

Should I be concerned? Will it affect me when I go and get my Road Tax in the future?



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Thanks for the replys!

I went back to the garage with my logbook at showed him that the manufacturer is LEXUS not Toyota.

He was under the impression that the Car was a a Toyota Lexus IS200. (With the Make being Toyota and Lexus IS200 being the model).

After I showed him all this and explained that they are a totally different brand, he was very apologetic and gave me a new MOT! RESULT! :D

Thanks to all that replied.

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I don't think I'll be using this guy again.

I have been going to the same place for the past 5 years - but ever since I have had the Lexus he has seemed different in some way.

Wouldn't say he was envious or anything - the guy has a porsche boxer.

Some of the advice he has given me in recently has been crap. I asked him about main dealer service history and he said that its not important - its not like its a prestige car like a Porsche, Jaguar or Merc!

:o :ph34r::ph34r: :duh: :blink::excl:

I think he sees a Lexus as a souped up Toyota Carina! :P

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