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Project Is200 Genesis


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OK, I thought it was about time I shared my plans for my project. The new year will signal the start of a very quick turnaround project which should be completed before Easter if all goes according to plan. I am not intending to do alot with the current engine at this moment apart from the supercharger conversion. The fact that it has come to light that I dont have a LSD, and the fact that I need a new Suspension setup has scuppered this part of the plan for now, until summer when I can throw some more cash at the project.

Here are a couple of pics of something similar which I like the look of.



I intend keeping my standard colour of Granite Sky and the graphics will be along the same theme as in the Pics above, however using a different colour scheme, namely Chrome, Crystal Etch and Silver Etch. The vinyl has been purchased and the designs are nearing completion.

My existing 18" mania rims will be changed in appearance by powder coating the spokes and re-polishing the rim dish. It is my intention to change the wheels later in the year for something the same as the ones in the pic.

My supercharger will be fitted as soon as possible, which is nearing completion of the polishing stage. All that is needed it to polish the Intercooler, and possibly the cradle, which is a bit of a problem at the minute because the black coating is proving to be nuclear proof and is a nightmare to strip ! Everything else associated with the supercharger and intercooler circuit has been finished and ready to throw on.

The Rocker cover is nearly finished also, with a nice mirror finish over the full surface. Again, problematic, but nearly there.

The bonnet will be changed for one of Prolex-UKs Carbon Vented Bonnets.

I intend changing the standard Sport Spoiler for one similar to the Trust Spoiler as opposed to the high level one, which I think wouldnt suit it. The Trust one is more of a flat sweeping spoiler and gives a more aggresive look to the rear end.

It was my intention to build a stronger engine and lower the compression for increased boost, however due to the problems with my lack of LSD and the fact that I need some new suspension has, like I explained, scuppered that, but just for now.

I just thought I would share my plans with the club, just to guage interest and hopefully get an interesting conversation going.

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hm, if that is true,,which i find hard to belive,, as i had a very early sport and it had the LSD, then it meansd that hundreds if not thousands of is200 sport's were sold under false advertising.

the brochure defo said comes with LSD!!

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Chris S checked my Chassis Number on the system.  Aparently, the early Sport models could have been fitted with either !

mm never knew that - its a bit W**K tho.

My thoughts exactly Matt. Its something I'm gonna get to bottom of though. Perhaps Chris can shed some light on it....

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hm, if that is true,,which i find hard to belive,, as i had a very early sport and it had the LSD, then it meansd that hundreds if not thousands of is200 sport's were sold under false  advertising.

the brochure defo said comes with LSD!!

The specs also say they reserve the right to change the spec at any time. The same thing happened with the lack of memory seats on late 2000/early 2001 GS300/430s.

My old IS200 sport never had the two-tone steering wheel, although I think it looked the better for not having it :winky:

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Im trying to find a nice looking set of gauges and a Pod. I rather like the one that is shown on the TDi site, but I understand it was a custom job. I like the idea of having the three gauges right in front of you as opposed to the A Pillar mount.

Does anyone have any suggestions. I cant utilise the centre tray as I have a dash Tray there and dont want to lose it.

I need some nice gauges: Boost, Oil Pressure & Oil Temp. If I can fit a AFR Meter somewhere aswell it would be nice. Ideally, a combined Oil Pressure and Temperature would be great so I can cut sown on the space taken up.

Ive looked high and low for a boost gauge that shows "Supercharger" on the fascia, and have found one but it looks cheap and nasty.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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i built my own pod, mr lex and marcus have seen it. it fits centre of the dash.

it was easy to build and i would make u one if ya realy wanted. took quite a while but looks perfect. all smooth and sexy. lol

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You can easily check if you have an LSD.

If you jack up the back end sothat both rear wheels are off the ground.

Spin one wheel clockwise (by hand) and if you have an LSD fitted, the other wheel should turn anti-clockwise.

mine is an SE and i am 99% sure mine does that and i know it doesnt have LSD,

both wheels should go in the same direction i believe

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Well, Ive just taken delivery of the body kit, which is identical to the one you see in the pics at the start of the thread. It needs a bit of modding to get it to fit, but thats to be expected. Its been offered up and te side skirts fit perfect. The front and rear need modifying as they seem about 1 inch too long at either side of the arch, maybe the US IS300 has a deeper front and rear bumper?

Im keeping my Mania 18" wheels for now until I can afford some TSW's as in the pic, but Im having them painted and polished. The spokes shall be painted the same colour as the car and lacquered with a heavy metalflake. The dishes and cap heads will be polished.

All the parts that needed polishing are finished but Im holding back until such a time as everything can be done at the same time rather than mess about.

Cant wait for the next show............hope she will be finished soon.

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