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Various Noises!

Colin P

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Just fitted some new wheels yesterday and got the alignment done (£95), now today whilst driving around I noticed what sounds like a grinding/rough sound (its a 'dry' sound like a metal grinding against metal sound) from the rear passenger side wheel area, the wheel isnt scraping against anything that I can see so i'm lost on that one.


The front drivers side is making a high pitched squeeking sound (not like a squeel more like a knackered bed spring or something) but when I brake it stops so presumably the problems lie there?

I'm off now to take the two wheels off and put soem more grease on the shims and take a look at the rear wheel and see if there are signs of rubbing anywhere but other than that i'm baffled, when i push down on the car the shocks are silent and so is everything else.

Oh, the wheels came with these little plastic ring things that had what were presumably bore sizes on one of which being 60.1 which I believe is the IS200 size? so I put those on too so maybe they could be squeekeing?

Any help of ideas are appreciated!

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problem solved, the place where I got my alignment done hadn't tightend the lug nuts at all, there were VERY loose, some of them I could unscrew by hand, tightening all of these has solved the problems above.


(but not for the garage :tsktsk: )

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