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My Go Faster Go Kart Project.


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Not to be left out of all the IS 'projects' going on lately lol. i thought hmmm what can i do,, ahh i got two 100cc go karts in my garage what about making them faster.

Actually me a a friend have been talking about doing this for a bit now,, some ideas we thought of were adding nitrous or a jet engine or an engine from a mini or fiesta.

Now none of these ideas are new, they have all been done before, although i only recall seeing a nitrous go ped, and certainly i have not seen a nitrous powered mini engine on a go kart.

another idea was perahps fabricating a roll cage, sticking bigger wheels on and making a mini all terrrain kart..

hmm lots ot think about.. if anyone has got any ideas or can lend some help in any form (advice of a spare vehicle engine or even a spare jet in your garage) then please post away..

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:crying: jet engine !!!!

mini or fiesta engines would be very heavy in power to weight ratio comparison, and would probably have a detremental effect, best choice would be to pick a motorcycle engine

nitrous sounds interesting !

i guess you have seen the kart on the road video :winky:

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the kart engine is a 100cc 2 stroke. so if i use that then i'll just add nitrous,, job done.

yeh i looked at prices of jet on eBay add dont think i will spend that much on this project.

i'll have a search rob for pulse engine jet build plans.

Yehyour right about the motorbike engine.. look at the gixxie kart its a GSX-R 1100 engine english version

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i do this sort of stuff all the time.couple of years ago i built a BAJA car with astra 2litre 16v lump.was waaaaay toooooo fast

all made from scafold pole.twas ace indeed

theres talk in my workshop ............ :shifty: , of building an oversized Jet ski........using a larger engine :lol:

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i did the thundercarts the other week at Buckmore park and have to say im very much in love. in one and a hlaf hours we completed 102 laps of the 1200m circuit at night in the cold and damp!

my only problem was the lack of revs, but what they need is some engine braking to help as its too easy to lock em up.

i am lookin myself to find a donor cart to play with, my idea is to use a engine from a rare kind of bike.

The suzuki SV400, now its only availiable as an import but its a 90 degree 400cc V twin. Revs up to about 10 grand and being a V twin will have just enough engine braking. now if you went for the 650cc SV engine then the engine braking would lock the wheels up easy as pie.

Also the SV 400 engine is easy to tune and will be good for the track.

I would also love to fabricate a chassis from scratch but i gotta learn to weld first.

may just make a 3D model in autocad first.

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hahahaha, sooo true.

i well miss that programme.

Another idea is to mount and aprilia 250cc racing engine. 60+ bhp easy to re-build and can be picked up for a couple of hundred including spares etc.

My little brother buys and sells them as he races em. now that would be a powerful little cart, and the engine is tiny so space wouldnt be an issue

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what about a kawasaki 400cc ninja engine? plenty of the engines around as they are a racing stable. i can try and source one for you thru BEMSEE (clubman racing circuit). wouldnt set ya back too much and will probably come pre tuned!

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Tool time back on t.v now.....

Its on ABC1 available on both freeview and cable and i guess sky as well, has to be the best program on t.v.

When her indoors gets the hump cos i wont do something i put that on and explain what mens work is!!!!!!!!!


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just found this  :D

time for new pants i think  :huh:

fargo`s dream !!!

already seen that one bazza,, thats what inspired me.. although dotn think i will use an 1100 engine...4/6/800 will be PLENTY..

are you going to use a slipper typle clutch on this? can you even get them for these?

its just beacause your not using a centrifugal clutch i was thinking that due to the low weight etc and small wheels that it would be very easy to just lock the back wheels up?

*** knows the 350cc thunder carts lock up if you keep the brakes on for more than 3-4 seconds let alone the torque of a 1100cc engine on a down shift, lol

the first few weeks on my suzuki SV650 i was always locking the rear wheel when dropping the gears too low under braking. a few scary moments while exiting a corniner enued.

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ohhh, seeing as u have two - why not build a pair of em:

1 - an old style go cart with a norton rotary engine or a triumph engine with the paint to match

2 - a super slick japaneese style one! with the funky bodywork?

could be fun.

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