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Car Alarm Stangeness


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some thing strange.

my clifford has started to go off.. at the same time every time.

now i originally thought that it was something to do with my carputers PSU. as this has a standby mode and i thought the power it was drawing was setting the alarm off.

so i unplugged the PSU and was all fine... for a while now its back,.,,

but the strange thing is, is that alarm goes off at the same time after arming...approx 20 minutes.

Now what i have noticed is that after the ignition is turned off, the clock is stil displayed, this will then turn off after 20 mins. so im thinking that somehting that the IS does after this amount of time is perhasp cuasing a problem.

The alarm diagnostics flashed 3 times to tell me that a sensor was the cause of activation..

im waiting for steveaudio to get back from china so i can plug the laptop into the alarm and see what that tells me..

anyone have any clues..

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