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Install Nav System In 01 Rx300

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Hey whats up every1 I just purchased a 01 over the weekend and must say I love it!! But it is fully loaded but it has the information center and I would like to install a factory lexus 01 navigation system in there, the question I have is will the nav system fit for instance is the wire harness that is on the information system the same harness for the navagiation? will it plug right in? and what else will I need other then the bezel that goes around the screen

Thanks everyone

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What do you mean the bezel around the screen? If you have Sat Nav or not the screen is the same.

Well i looked on one with the nav system i it and the whole housing around it is different its all one piece, I seen them on eBay it was just the housing for the nav system but no check out eBay and you will see what im talkin about, but I need to know if the wore harness will fit from the info screen to the nav screen............

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You will still need the Navigation unit which is located in the boot/trunk near the spare wheel.

Hi there.

If you see a difference between you RX300 display and the one with Sat Nav, it probably means your car is not an european version. All European versions have a common display (color LCD) with the buttons for navigation already there but not active.

Therefore it seems that in addition to the DVD reader in trunk + GPS receiver you will have to change display and wiring.

I had this checked because I wanted to put the sat nav on my RX300 (Euro version). The result was that although display and wiring were in place, the price Lexus asked for the DVD reader in trunck + GPS receiver was :tomato: +/- 6000 EUR without labor!!! And you know what? I have got now a PDA with TomTom navigator for 500 EUR which I can use in any of my cars.

The only way would be to get an original system from a crashed car... but them who can guarantee it still works fine?

Hope it help.

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