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Survived The Snow And Cold


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Hi all,

We took a trip up to the far north of Scotland to see the in-laws over the weekend, and I got to find out how my IS300 handles in the snow.

As we drove up the A9 I watched the temperature drop to freezing, then -1, -2, and eventually down to -5 before the snow started. Knowing that the IS doesn't have a good reputation in the snow, I was taking it easy and we got to my brother-in-law's without any problems.

Spent a couple of hours there, and then on to the sister-in-law's - she has a steep driveway, and by the time we got there it was about 2" deep in snow. Still -5C, so I hit the SNOW button, moved down into 2nd, and crawled up as slowly as I could. Although I was going about 2mph the ABS kicked in to try to slow me down further :D . Anyway, we got to the top of the driveway no probs.

It was the same story throughout the weekend: I just took is easy, and despite more snow and the temperature dropping to a very chilly -11 for a couple of hours, the car behaved superbly.

Anyway, the weekend got me wondering ... excuse my ignorance, but can someone explain what the differences are between TRC, VSC and the SNOW feature, and what they all do? And what about LSD? Before I got the 300 I had a 200 Sport which had LSD - does the 300 have it or is superceded by VSC?



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TRC = Traction control - crude anti-wheelspin system backs off the throttle and brakes the spinning wheel if required.

VSC = Vehicle Stability Control - uses sensors to detect impending doom (understeer/oversteer) and tries to sort it out by braking individual wheels etc.

SNOW = reduced throttle response - don't think it does anything else.

The 300 has the LSD (thank the lord).

The ABS effect you felt was probably the TRC (light flashes on dash).

I think the VSC bleeps if activated, although I've only had that once - the manual doesn't say much about VSC apart from it exists and it's good!!

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