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1g-gte Internals Into 1g-fe?


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I already asked this in the other thread, but I wondered if there's anyone with a BULLETPROOF knowledge about this...

So my question would it be a bolt-on job to put 1G-GTE internals (pistons and rods) into 1G-FE? Would they fit straight up, and which engines piston rings should I use? :huh:

What would the resulting compression ratio be?

And would then the new pistons and rods limit the useable boost, or is the std crank weak as well? Any idea of the boost I could then use? :unsure:

Someone may tell me that those parts are impossible to get, but I'm quite confident that I can source those through my connections in Nippon... :shifty:

Matt? Mark? Colin? Anyone?



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From my limited knowledge I'm led to believe the internals are the same its just the twin turbos/manifolds that are of interest.

As you've done that...

At least HERE it says that the 1G-GTE internals are forged. :unsure:

But then again, I could also try to source the manifolds as well... :shifty:

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i strongly doubt that the internals are the same.

in stead of trying to replace all the internal parts of the NA engine, i would either just do the bolt-on stuff, or get a complete engine and do a swap.

And what about the software??

You don't have VVTi on the -GTE and such.... no there you go a way full of problems.

Look at the momster of Mat how hard it is to get it working.

I'd really watch out for changing internals. :winky:

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