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Straining At The Lead

Steevee Leevee

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My mkIII ls 400 166k miles is very economical without the aircon running. If I run it the car accelerates & decelerates with the switching on and of of the compressor.

If I am braking at low speed and the compressor shuts off (under thermostatic control) I'm suddenly overbraking and can almost come to a dead stop.

I have been re-gassed but that has nade no difference.

She drives like a dream with no air con and like a runaway horse with it on.

Does anyone have any advice please?

I have posted this question before but there seem to be more knowledgable people out there now.



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Hi Steve

Has it always been like this?

Hi Colin

Bought at 79k and yes as far as I can remember. I know the engine has to increase revs to power the compressor but it is as if it has increased by too much and the excess goes through to the transmission. I'd get a proper Lexus service done but the last time I had one done I needed new brake pads !!!!! They were less than a quarter worn. It takes a lot of earning and I can only spend it once.

Regards Steve

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