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New Hard Core Mod


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Some of you may be interested to know that we have just finished testing on a new conversion.

Anyone with a basic nitrous kit will probably be aware that the calibration method is very crude via different size jets. This is a bit hit and miss and is never correct throughout the whole rpm range (although a decent installer should ensure that it is good enough).

We have integrated the HKS FCON S, SZ and V Pro (which can be optimised to enhance performance without nitrous) to switch to a new map when the nitrous is activated to allow for precise mapping of the fuel and ignition parameters every 500rpm, and switch back when the nitrous is deactivated.

We are well pleased with this as it is a definate worthwhile performance and safety solution for those already having nitrous, and for those considering it.

Mark :)

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Yours is done the traditional way Paul, ie fueling optimised for use "off nitrous", and the nitrous/fuel calibration is done via jets.

It may be possible to switch the SAFC onto a different map when the nitrous is activated (investigation needed), but that still doesn't take care of the ignition side of things.

Time to start looking at an FCON methinks ;)

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