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Images Wont Load

Colin P

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i'm getting really wound up.

Images wont load on any page I look at in IE (yea I would download mozilla firefox if i could see the button for it!), they were working but now I cant see any images whatsoever, i've deleted all offline content and all that stuff but thats done nothing, i restarted my comp and the pictures loaded up for the first 10 minutes and now they wont again and i'm getting really wound up as i'm trying to order some stuff and cant see teh checkout buttons etc.

please help!


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If it works for 10 mins then stops, I would assume it's something kicking in and not any setting within IE itself. It seems to be something that is either integrated into IE or an external issue (firewall, popup blocker, isp proxy)

Are you using Norton Firewall by any chance? I've had it with this. (The popup blocker tends to block all images in a normal page after you've had a popup elsewhere.) Pick a website (LOC) that you trust, go into the settings and allow permit for all otions and see if it displays the images on this website.

Also, is it particular to websites you go to? So, if you restarted IE or your machine, then just stayed on LOC, would this continue to happen? Could be a MJVM problem. Download and re-install java. Or, if the JPG images have XML in, this could also be causing it. It would mean a re-install of IE.

What version of IE are you using? Have you downloaded all the service packs?

Are you going through a proxy server? It could actually be a caching problem with that. Which ISP are you on?

HERE'S the link directly to start Firefox download.

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it does it in stages liek now for instance not all of the buttons are showing up so i'm guessing when I refresh the page none of the images will show again. Been using firefox since this morning and haven't had a single problem.

Yes by the way I am using Norton Firewall, its not particular websites I go to, it just seems to decide that its not going to display any images for a while, like I left my computer on and didnt touch it for an hour or so and it woked as normal until about the third link I clicked on then its gone downhill again!

I have downloaded all of the servis packs and updates as far as i'm aware and i'm using IE 6.0.

I think i'll just stick to firefox and maybe format my hard drive and start over again cuz there's so much junk been installed and uninstalled and empty folders here and there, it's just finding the time!

thanks for the help though Geoffers!

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