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Some Bad Pictures....


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very nice, also very clean! Wish mine was that clean, could do with a different colour car for the winter really!

Got any modifications planned?

Where in herts are you? I used to go to the university in hatfield! Sorry if you live there but it was a right dump!

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I live right next door to Stansted where near Hatfield.

Mods planned so far and those done.... Loc stickers in rear windows......and finally realising 5 days after i got the car that i have tinted windows.......which to be honest look pretty nice i think.

Next mod is to hardwire the sat nav in and make aproper moount for it somewhere after that i think check geometry on car to save my tyres and after that will be 4 wheel refurbishments to go on, any ideas on what i should have done to them not sure if to get them done as original or something else!


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Lovely Colour! Fantastic Shine!

Nice change from the Platinum Ice bridage too! :D :D

what you on-about :hehe: plat ice bridage, its not my fault you got the wrong colour :lol: next time you are at the garage if you ask steve he might only might just paint it the best colour for you :lol::lol:

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