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Laser Jammers


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Thanks to 55JWB on the TT-Forum ( link )for this heads up..

Big heads up Boys n Girls......

December 2004

A friend of mine who has been using a jammer for over 4 years got arrested this week. (Dec 04)

Here is the story of what happened.

At 6 am a police car and a low loader turned up outside his home. He was arrested and the car was loaded on to the low loader. He was taken to the local police station, his car was taken to the police vehicle inspection unit. The jammer was tested to see if it jammed, as you can expect it did. The jammer was removed, 50min job.

In the mean time my friend was questioned and then was charged with "perverting the course of justice". The worrying part is this. He had been seen in one county by a laser camera van that could not get his speed. A few months later he had been seen in another county by a separate safety camera van again it could not get his speed.

This then sparked the event at 6 am .... How you ask..

It has turned out, after speaking to several contacts in the police force, they have had the camera equipment software modified to photograph any vehicle that throw up an error, any error. When the video is checked at the camera units base and an error is reported the event is logged as a warning flag on the PNC database (police database).

When another camera van operator takes his video back to base to check over, if he discovers an error he will check on the PNC database to see if there are any warning flags on that vehicle.

If there are no flags on the PNC for that car then one is added. If the PNC has a flag on it saying they have had a problem in the past they will investigate further. This was the case for my friend and the guy in Northampton

To make matters worse my friend was not speeding on both occasions.

As I have said he was charged and then bailed to reappear. I let you know the outcome in late January.


I have had a chance today to talk to several police forces and the DoT and they can confirm this is what they have all been doing. It is because the DoT wanted to know just how many jammers were in use in the UK. The belief is that there are over a million jammers fitted to cars in the UK. I think this figure is a little high but you never know.

This work has been conducted to gather data prior to the proposed application for a ban in January 2005. If the ban goes through its expected to take effect within 6 months.

The ban will cover, Radar Detectors and Laser jammers. GPS will be safe as they have no intention to ban them.

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6am raid on a person with a gatso jammer ...........

whatever next.

Some "forces" have some wierd priorities, .... I would have thought a 6 am raid on a drugs house, firearms address ... or something similar would have been a little more beneficial for the community.

Oh well :huh:

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Sorry Dunc... but I think this is a poss Urban Legend in the making...

I have been in numorus meetings with my Clients (both HA and TfL) who deny any sort of cross cheching of this nature (also in terms of cloned cars).

I guess it is a watch and see, but myself would view it as BS untill proved otherwise, esp the 6AM raid bit.

(not a dig at you Dunc)

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I would think that if the police turned up with a lowloader it would be for more than a jammer. Of course if the car show up on records with no proper documentations they may assume that if its in more than one county and dont have necessary paper work the car may be involved in some illegal activity

But thats harsh for a jammer

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you cant be arrested for perverting the course of justice if there was no offence in the first place,

if he wasnt speeding then he hasnt committed any offence therfore he cant later pervert the course of justice coz there isnt any to be perverted, get me drift.

if he had committed an offence and then been found to have jammed the police systems somehow in an attempt to evade detection then thats different.

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