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Toyota Harrier


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I am in the UK and have just taken delivery of a 2003 2400c 4x4 Toyota Harrier and the whole vdu is in JAPANESE.

I know that many of the facilities are not the same for the UK such as the KJapanes GPS, TV and Telephone but if i was to buy a Lexus RX300 for the UK the whole touch screen facility would be . What i am tryin to find is where i can get the whole VDU screen stuff for the UK market which i assume is made by Lexus(Toyota) in Japan. The Lexus people in the UK don't want to know but surely someone is in the same predicament as me . Either i try and source a crashed LEXUS RX 300 or someone somehere knows wher i can buy the complete VDU kit for the Lexus?

I know many HARRIERS go into Hong Kong so wondered if anyone there has sourced what i need?

Martyn ( email

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Hi Martyn; I seem to be in the same predicament as you regarding the GPS,TV etc on a 2003 Harrier. As far as I could determine, the systems are made by Aishin Aw in Japan, but getting in contact the company has so far been unsuccessful. Trying to source a wreck as I have tried - even through a friend who was a vehicle insurance assessor - is almost impossible; they seem to find their way back into circulation and carry on, such is the demand. There seem to be plenty of wrecks in the US but that doesn't solve our problem.

From other posts, I have picked up some leads from people who have contacted the following; one was Kevin at ICEBeat in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent - not spoken to him personally; another was Darren at, 93 Lancaster Road, Enfield, 07836589109.

He quoted me £1500 for both sat-nav and TV convertion.I suspect this is a complete new system using the original screen. Anyway, they may help you.

Have you managed to find a really good waveband expander for the full band?

I'm thinking of using N E Automotive. They offer speedo units too;where did you get yours? Cheers, Bugsy.

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I also spoke to Darren at in-car TV and he quoted the same £1,500. They use the same screen but different Sat/Nav system.(Pioneer/Clarion) but run through your screen Also TV working & you can add DVD. I don.t think that it is an unreasonable price to be honest. Maybe if there were enough people wanted it doing he would do a group deal?

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I don't think you will get very far with Aisin AW. They supply the motor trade not the public and I would think they have a contract with Toyota not to supply any of their components without going through them.

Aisin, like Denso who also make lots of parts for Toyota, were once part of Toyota but sold off so they can supply other manufacturers. Toyota still own around 20% of the company.

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