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Induction Kit


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Ive had my Is200 sport now for 2 months so im thinking of some mods, already got the illuminated door panels (cooool) and now thinking of an induction kit but ive not had much luck finding it. After searching for ages i eventually found one called a powertec sl1000 at a cost of £230. Has anyone ever heard of this or know of any others ?

Oh i was also quoted about £250 for a set of spring (fitted) that lower the car by 30mm, does that sound ok ?

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What make are the springs ? PeteJenkin bought a set which let him down....I'd PM him for details.

Prolex-uk have got Eibachs in stock which are £160 on your door step.

On induction kits for the n/a IS the market is limited at the moment. I've not heard of the one you mention.

I am in the process of getting the Prolex-UK induction kit into production (feb 05) if you can wait !

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Hi mate, The powerTec induction kits are over priced!... i enquired about these kits ( regarding to marketing them on my site etc..) They were not very forth-coming to say the least..)

When i asked about the reason for the big price... they told me it was all down to the Induction pipe... and WOUDN`T give me any performance figures!!!

You are quite limited for the is200 for induction kits, about the best you will get is the TRUST/GREDDY one...

Let me know if you want one...


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The guy never told me the name of the springs but if the ones you are selling are 160 then 230 fitted aint bad, i will go back to the shop and ask the make. What kind of price we talkin prolex for the induction kit ?

Price for springs isnt you say gets a bit dear when they break after 2 months :sick:

Not sure on the cost of my induction kit at the time of writing.

Will not be metal like the trust/greddy thing........meatl gets too hot as dopes air so negates effect of induction kit :winky:

will also have radical air intake option :ph34r::ph34r:

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The best one IIRC that tested was the APEXi Power Intake Induction Kit :). Best filtration, same power gains as other induction kits, etc :).

I don't know if they make one for a IS200 Sport though, but you might want to check it out :).

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