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Stolen & Recovered Lex


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In addition to santa claus, I had visitors over xmas who broke into my house and stole the keys for my IS200 SE and had a way with the car from the drive way.

I have been shoked for the past few days, even, thinking, "if thats what a nice car does for you, I'd rather be driving a skoda!".

I had a call from the police last night saying its been recovered with no damage.

My questions dear friends:

1. As the *#%$'s still have the keys, I will need to change the locks, how much will it cost?

2. Will this activity be registered against the car on an hpi check if I wanted to sell in the future?

3. Anyone been through this - advice would be great.

Cheers and happy new year!

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Well I'm glad that you have had the good news of your car being recovered !

That's great news ...... and better still that it has not been damaged.

I would advise that you get all your locks changed, ASAP ! - before you do anything else.

As for the HPi, this activity will not be registered , however - the local police have a computer aided dispatch system, and the report will be on that, however this information is only available to police officers / staff - so a potential buyer, will not be able to access to info.


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