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Battery Terminals


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I got a Altezza & it appears the Battery terminals are smaller than the is200/300 UK spec.

The car needs a new Battery month or 2 time anyway & i can get hold of some bigger Battery terminals that be same size as UK spec is200(both - +) so i can get a better(higher capacity) Battery so:

How easy is it to change the Battery terminals? would i need to change the wires? Anybody even changed or touched the terminals?

thanks for anyone can help.

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Hi mate, welcome to LOC :)

I'd recommend you get in touch with a member called AltezzaScott - he's got a good deal of experience with these in the UK.

Mat Clawley (supracharged-is340) also has a lot of experience in these but I think he'll be uncontactable for a few days as he's driving back home tomorrow to Germany from the UK...

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Seems like not many ppl know of this despite the amount of members......i find a way.

I notice by looking at some posts on 'car battery' Altezza Scott's mention he has a Bosch silver top Battery on his Altezza but i went into my local Bosch auto dealer & they said non of the Bosch car Battery fit my altezza due to the small Battery terminal so Altezza Scott must have changed the terminals to UK spec or something...?

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