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Which 18" Tyres?


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Hi friends, :D

Need to get some new tyres.

Currently I have Continental SportContacts 2 that I got cheap part-worn and to be honest they are not very good. The ride is bumpy, they are noisy, don't grip too well and have uneven wear; one of the tyres also has a rip on the tyre wall. The tyres have around 2mm of thread left.

My car is on ebatch Springs and has a tyre size of 225/40 18".

After doing some research the common consenus seems to be that the BEST tyres available for the IS200/300 are:

Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3

Toyo Proxies T1-R

Both tyres are similarily priced. My top 4 priorities are:

1. Ride Comfort

2. Low Noise

3. Handling

4. Protection for alloys

Which would you get?


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If your top two are comfort and noise then you are looking at the wrong type of tyre. The Toyo and Goodyear models are ultra performance tyres and therefore handling is the main priority.

Look at Yokohama AVS dB for noise/comfort although they will probably be more expensive.

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Thanks fountain of all knowledge (a.k.a Colin) :D

When I stated my top priorites above I meant in comparison between the two tyres I am considering. I do want the best handling possible and realise that trade-offs in other areas will have to be made.

I had a look at the Yokohama tyres and they are ALOT more expensive - i.e around £150-£160 a tyre compared to around £104 - £110 for the Goodyears and Toyos.

The Yokohamas seem like they have a soft sidewall, which may not be great for my alloys. My wheels are just about level with the bodywork of my car, so I would like tyres with a stiff sidewall that retain the shape and to prevent very slight rubbing of the arches.

I especially like the Toyo T1-Rs because they claim to have a much harder sidewall and be quieter then the older T1-S.

I think I should just get whichever one I can get cheaper. But not sure.

The reviews for both are very good.

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