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Mp3 Renaming Tool?


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Ive got lots of mp3 albums without ID tags, I used the Creative Media thing that came with my sound card and didnt realise it wouldnt name the tracks etc for me :(

so rather than rip all the CD's again does anyone know of a util that will seach the cddb and name all my mp3's? makes it so much easier when selecting songs on the touch screen if you can see the names rather than just numbers :(

many thanks

and Happy New Year to all


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This should do the job too:

Have never tried it but according to the site I just read it works off the files being named Track 1 thru Track whatever and it just names them in the order it sees the data off CDDB - never thought anything like this existed to be honest, in the past I've deleted loads of MP3's and then just reripped them to AAC in iTunes - it's the lazy but long way!!!

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