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Is The Rx Worth Getting?!?!

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As I cant find my earlier messages and questions, I wanted to say a big thank you to all that helped me whilst we all deliberated whether the RX 300 was worth getting, and should you get with Sat Nav or the SE or th SE-L.....

After months of thinking it is a lot of money, is it worth it, would we enjoy it, should we get an X5, we have taken delivery of the RX 300 SE with Sat Nav and I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT! Thanks to all who helped with our questions over the Hybrid, Sat Nav, SE questions, to name but a few.

If you are thinking of buying an RX, the car is fab, the Sat Nav is very useful, (and I am a mum who does the school run, but finds better routes to use thanks to the Sat Nav), the Bluetooth function a great toy and the car an absolute dream. I may even let my husband drive it - depends who wins the argument of whose turn to drive!

The dealers were great - tip for the purse, play everyone off against each other, makes for a super deal! Happy New Year to all and to my car sitting warmly in the garage....

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Welcome to the club

Does this mean that you and hubby will have comps like who can stick a spoon on their nose the longest, or racing to a fountain to see who drives next :driving:

:D  :D

O dont be so ridiculous, everyone knows wifes are better at all these things - and driving......gotta go, hubby coming...! :mat:

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Hi mcjj999

Had the same deliberations as yourself X5 or 300SE-L and made the same decision, but Iwas bit biased having had a MK1 300 SE version prior to this. Now done nearly 3000 miles and no problems which is what I have come to expect from Lexus. I don't have Bluetooth in mine as I got the 2004 model in Sept 2004 which suits me as I am not into mobile phones etc.

What eventually swung it for me was the extremely bad attitude of BMW and the thought of paying for extras which you don't get back in value when selling, as was pointed out to me by another member on here.

Taking all into consideration I have come to the conclusion that BMW are trading a lot on the name, and hence shoving a hefty unnecessery premium on their vehicles to the tune of several thousands of pounds.

Only thing I have come up against is having bought the Brechin Slate colour, I have ordered a touchup stick and spray but the colour when I ordered it, it did not appear on the service centre computer. Don't know if, like on some toyotas in the past, they wait until they have sold a certain number of that colour before they provide the above items. Reminds me must give them a ring about it in the new year.

Did get a bumper plastic guard from Lexus Edinburgh (See other postings about it)

and it is one of my better buys, would strongly recommend the product, not the thin plastic film the local dealer offered.(had to be careful to position it correct first time as it can't be removed easily). At least my dogs won't scratch the bumper getting in and out.

Oh forgot to say welcome to the club although I am only a member.


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