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How To Paint Calipers


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Hello all.

First query that I can't seem to find answered on the LOC forums...

1) What's the basic procedure in painting the brake calipers? I've noticed weird bits of "wires" coming out of the calipers. Do you need to take it all apart? Is it spray based paint or done using a paintbrush? :iraqi-info-minister:

2) What paint should be used? And where to get from? (I want to make it look like the shiny black or red colour). :zorro:


(Anyone agree that the default look of the calipers is a bit drab on the car?) :question:

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Most of the people here incl me have used hammerite smooth

to paint there calipers, using a brush

they need to be cleaned first i bought some brake cleaner from local

motorist shop.

2 coats of hammerite job done

check my garage to see a piccie of mine

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because i wanted blue calipers, i went to Halfords and bought a caliper painting kit, it was about £20, and i got the paint, a brush, and the cleaning fluid needed.

With regard to disassembly, you don't need to if you're careful! remove the wheel, wire brush the caliper, clean with the fluid, wipe clean, and paint away, but make sure you mask off the areas that don't want any paint on, e.g. the disks or pads.

Have a look in my garage (see link below) if you want to see how i did mine. Also, check the club knowledgebase for a more detailed explanation if you need to.


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You wanna use good owld Hammerite Smooth. I got one of those wire brush heads for the electric drill and the calipers came up a treat. Then I used white spirit to remove grime and dirt from the new shiney surface. Apply the hammerite evenly and leave to dry for about 20 mins, then recoat again, then leave again for 30 mins and if you want you can give them a third coat. I wouldn't put clear lacquer on the calipers until about a week after painting because you wanna give the hammerite time to harden over the week. Then apply a few coats of clear lacquer which u can buy in any car shop.


Luvely Jubbley!!!!

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Having just done ine, I can shed some light on the matter. I gently rubbed the pitting off with sandpaper so I had a better/smoother finish and wiped and dirt and grease away with a clean tea towel.

I purchased the Caliper paint from Halfords which was around £10. Specifically for this application, the stuff is not nice to paint with as its like a real thick guey paint.

But, its quick drying and leaves a really good finish. Just mask off any hose, nuts bolts etc you don't want painting and use a small brush. Two applications and job done.

I have been well chuffed with mine. :P

Just need some Lexus stickers!! :D

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